About All Things FRAND

About All Things FRAND

After more than 10 years engaging on these issues, ACT created this website as a repository for judicial cases, administrative cases, and agency guidance on FRAND related issues, academic articles that are generally in line with the FRAND principles listed on the About web page, and other authoritative writings about standards and FRAND licensing. 

What's New.

    Meizu warns of "crisis" for Chinese industry as Qualcomm files new patent complaints in US and Europe

    October 17, 2016

    "Qualcomm on Saturday announced that it has expanded its assertion campaign against Meizu, the largest Chinese smartphone maker yet to conclude a licence agreement with the US chipmaker since its 2015 settlement with Chinese regulators. The move should definitively put to rest rumours that had swirled in Chinese-language media suggesting that the two sides had reached a settlement that would soon be made public. In a public response, Meizu took the opportunity to portray itself as defending the entire Chinese mobile industry against a looming “crisis” for its business model, an indication that the court of public opinion in China will also be an important venue in this dispute." - [READ MORE] 

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